Sunday, November 6, 2011

Creepy Crawly Critters!

Arachnophobia. Arachnophobia is when someone is extremely scared of spiders! I suffer from this phobia, at an extreme level. One night when I was little, my dad was putting me to sleep and while standing next to my bed he suddenly whacked the side of my mattress with a newspaper he was holding. I, being alarmed, asked him what he was trying to hit, he said it was a fly and I believed him as any other young girl would have believed their father. The next morning however I awoke with an itchy spider bite on my left cheek. It was on my face!!! I would never again believe my father when he said he saw a fly.

Throughout my life I feel as if I have had many, not so good run- ins with spiders. When my neighbor and I were walking up to her garage to get inside, 5 huge spiders crawling all over her garage code pad greeted us!!! Let’s just say it was not a happy greeting. We then repeatedly tried to hit the spiders, but all they did was fall to the ground and start running at us! I am simply just too young to die!

Another one of my very scary run- ins with spiders was just this last summer. I had just finished watching a very scary movie and I was feeling quite paranoid. When I walked into my bathroom to take a shower, there was a huge black spider crawling up the wall! After my brother killed it, I slowly walked into my bathroom hoping there would be no other spiders. And there wasn’t, as far as I saw. The second I stepped into the shower I was greeted by yet another spider! They were after me!!! I then called to my brother again and when he came up to kill it he started pushing it toward my face! I being scared as can be, jumped in the shower and closed the curtain! He proceeded to throw the Kleenex, with the spider, into the shower, turn off all the lights and close the door! I screamed bloody murder!! What if the spider wasn’t dead! What if it started attacking me! I literally stood there pressed up against the wall screaming my head off and bawling my eyes out for almost 3 minutes before my sister came upstairs to help me out.

I can never go near a spider again. Just a few months ago, I was walking out of a restaurant and I happened to look down and there was a “ginormous” spider crawling up my shirt toward my face! I ran in circles like crazy and smacked my stomach about 5 times before I was confident the spider was either gone or dead.


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