Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Octopus

I love the travel, and in my family I’ve been very fortunate! I have two siblings, a brother and sister, who were both adopted from South Korea. Since my parents wanted to expose them to the Korean culture, we took a family vacation to South Korea when I was 12. It was the summer before my 7th grade year and me, and the rest of my family, were extremely excited!

Upon landing in Korea, it was 23:00 their time and about 9:00 am our time. We had gotten on a plane about 5:00 in the morning the day before, me and my sister had already pulled an “all-nighter”- meaning we had already been awake for 18 hours. Since I am not able to sleep on planes, I was awake for another 22 hours before sleeping for only 5 hours and having to get up to start our day! I was extremely tired, but my excitement to start our vacation was keeping me energized!

Although we saw so many awesome things in Korea, the different culture still managed to be the coolest part of our trip! When going to a fish market one early morning we witnessed a small octopus fling itself out of the bucket it was in. It then proceeded to slink down the concrete, until a Korean lady put her finger up a hole in the middle of the octopus, walk back to the stand where it had run away from, and flung the octopus back into its bucket. This is something you would not see at home, folks!

Another unique thing was the food! When we would go out to eat, we found ourselves eating quail eggs (taste just like normal eggs), Boulgogee (a type of beef), and this nasty coleslaw stuff that you would dip into different toppings. Although the Boulgogee was delicious, I still found myself cringing at some of the other foods. Also, all we could drink while on our trip was bottled water and coca cola, because the water in that country was unsanitary.

Some of the things my family and I did were visiting the demilitarized zone, DMZ, going to a Korean play, playing around in “Lotte World”, (a Korean Disney World) and many other things! I strongly encourage anyone who loves to travel to pay a visit to South Korea! I will forever be disgusted by octopus and will never forget the great memories I gained!
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