Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Nervous Poops

Auditions can be very stressful, especially if you are really excited about the play or musical you are trying out for. For some of us, auditions come naturally. However, for many of us in the drama world, this is not the case. Before an audition my friends and I often find ourselves with the nervous poops or constantly having to go pee. Other people bite their nails or don’t sleep, but no matter what, there are ways around this nervousness. You just have to be prepared.
If you are tying out for a play, you in some ways you have it easier than those trying out for a musical. With plays, you only have to focus on acting. The most important thing about an acting audition is being animated. If you just go in and read the words on the page, there is no way you are going to get a part. You have to become the character, of the lines you are reciting. So don’t just read the lines in one monotone voice, add some inflection. Be interesting and engage your voice. You can speak loud or soft, whatever fits the character’s lines. Another key point is making sure your voice matches your face. If you have an energized excited voice, but a bored to death facial expression, your audience will be confused and the director, casting the show, will not like the combination.
The next thing to remember when auditioning for a play is engaging your body. If you go in and speak with animated tones and really get your voice into the part, but don’t move a muscle, the director is going to think you don’t know how to move your body. You have to be energized and move around! Whether you’re excited, sad, angry, or neutral there has to be some movements involved in your audition, otherwise your audience will most definitely lose interest.
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